What is the most important reason, or the reason that is more important than all other reasons combined, for the endemic anti-Semitism today? It is the state of Israel.
Anti-Semitism almost dates back to the beginning of recorded history. After centuries of being blatantly practiced in Europe, anti-Semitism culminated with the Nazi Holocaust. Thereafter, the Christian West realized the gravity of what it had committed against the Jews. As a result, explicit anti-Semitism became a crime punishable by law, while pockets of anti-Semitism persisted across all European countries.
Enter Israel, whose establishment per se was a crime against Palestine and its people, the legitimate owners of the land. The original crime was subsequently followed by many crimes, and the occupation, killing, dispossession and theft of Palestinian homes persisted, all on the basis of biblical myths that no antiquities in any country could establish.
Perhaps the best evidence of Israel’s “anti-Semitism” against the Palestinians, is that we find that many Jewish individuals and Israeli Jewish peace groups are at the forefront of activism against the policies of the ruling Israeli right.
In fact, Professor Steven Rose and his wife, Hillary, from the Open University in Britain, were the first to begin an academic boycott of Israel. After that, university professors in Israel itself started calling for a similar boycott. Further, Jews are present in every campaign against Israel, from universities to the Freedom Flotilla I and II.
I wrote more than once about the racist laws passed by the Israeli coalition government against the Palestinians of 1948, and the people of the West Bank and Gaza. The recent laws passed or being studied by the Knesset, are racist and fascistic. However, the provocation also takes on another form, and I have noticed that the family of captured soldier Gilad Shalit has decided to sue Hamas in France.
Mr. Shalit is a soldier. On the other hand, there are 10,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, including women and minors. So is one Israeli soldier more important than 10,000 human beings? And are we witnessing the return of Nazi-style treatment with the Jews, but this time targeting the Palestinians?
Some Jews around the world refuse to believe that Israel has become the world’s new Nazi state, and a racist and apartheid state. However, other Jews, whom I argue to represent a majority, condemn Israel, to the extent that they are labeled now by the extremist Israeli right as “self-hating Jews” or “anti-Israeli Jews.”
The Hungarian-American Jewish billionaire George Soros, for instance, comes under daily attacks because of his condemnations of Israeli policies. Recently, I read about another Jewish billionaire, George Gund III, who funds anti-Israeli activists. Then of course, there is Noam Chomsky, who recently came under fire after he was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize.
And any list of such individuals would be incomplete, if it didn’t include Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe and Uri Avnery, and many others.
In Israel, there is a fascist war government that alone is sufficient to revive anti-Semitism. However, its supporters around the world, especially in the United States, work every day to stoke animosity against Arabs and Muslims. Today, I will go past all the neocons and the hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed in their losing wars, to point to the ongoing campaigns against Islam as a religion, and against all Muslims.
For example, I read the title “The Religion of Rape,” although Islam punishes rape with death. And I ask, if one man has raped someone or justified rape, then how can all Muslims be accused of it with him? I have a response to the extremists: At the same time, I read that Levi Aron, a 35-year-old Orthodox Jewish man, killed a child from his community called Leiby Kletz, and cut his body into pieces, putting some in the garbage bin and other pieces in the fridge. So are all Jews like this killer then?
Definitely not, for the blame for the crime is borne by its perpetrator alone, whether Muslim or Jewish.
Has the Muslim reader heard about a new book entitled “Allah is Dead: Why Islam Is Not a Religion” written by Rebecca Bynum? How can a Muslim person encounter such an attack on his or her religion and remain silent?
I ask all the rabbis of Israel to debate me, all alone, to see which one is the true religion, Islam or Judaism.
God in the Quran says, to the children of Israel specifically, and to all people: “If anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind…”
On the other hand, God in the Torah tells Joshua as he entered Palestine (it is a myth or a tale): Slay the men, women and children, even the infants, and the cattle, and keep the gold, silver and iron. Then God repeats this command to Joshua and others many times, in a clearly genocidal command.
Hence, the God that the Muslims worship preserves human life, and God in Judaism kills the innocent, and trades in precious metals.
God in the Quran elevates Mary and her son Jesus to the highest order, while I cannot repeat here what the Talmud says about “Our Lady Mary” because of its obscenity, the same Talmud which makes Jesus Christ an impostor sorcerer and conjurer.
Which of the two religions is true? I would not have asked this, or indeed delved into this debate, were it not for the persistent attacks on Islam. I want to ask the Christians here, before others, to give me their opinion, provided that they have read what the Jewish scriptures say about Jesus and his mother.
It is Israel and its gang that are responsible for the reemerging anti-Semitism, before anyone else.
(The writer is a former editor of Asharq Al Awsat newspaper. This article first appeared in the Dar Al Hayat newspaper on July 22, 2011.)
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